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Okamet review: an effective and safe diabetes remedy

How to avoid diabetes? The answer to this question is very important. Unfortunately, people rarely think about it. The modern world imposes an unfavorable lifestyle on people. It becomes the main cause of diabetes. About 90% of all patients suffer from type 2 diabetes. Extra pounds, malnutrition and constant stress cause it. Every year, doctors report diabetes in millions of people. The disease itself does not pose a great danger, however, against its background extremely dangerous and unpleasant complications can develop that are difficult to treat. Throughout life, the patient must take specialized antidiabetic drugs. They, together with the right lifestyle, help to rectify the situation and return a person to a full and happy life. We will tell you a few facts about one effective drug called Okamet.


Okamet is a well-known antidiabetic drug developed by the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla Ltd. The drug has effective hypoglycemic properties. Therefore, Okamet helps cope with type 2 diabetes by quickly lowering blood glucose levels. Doctors prescribe medicine to supplement a diabetic diet. The active substance of the drug is Metformin. It affects the body in two ways. First, the active substance reduces the production of glucose in the liver. Secondly, Metformin increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, allowing you to process more monosaccharides. These unique properties of Okamet can significantly reduce the level of glucose in the blood without negative effects on the patient’s body. Endocrinologists most often use Metformin as monotherapy in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Dosage form

Cipla Ltd produces Okamet in the form of elongated white coated tablets. They are packaged in PVC blisters. Blisters are packed in cardboard packaging. The number of tablets in 1 package varies from 60 to 300 pcs.

Okamet composition

Okamet consists of several components. Metformin is the main active ingredient. Each tablet contains 500 mg of the substance. In addition, the drug includes auxiliary components that form the shell of the tablet. All of these components are harmless and safe to use.

Dosage and Administration

There is no standard daily dosage for Okamet that is suitable for all patients with type 2 diabetes. Dosage selection is a complex process. The doctor must take into account many factors, including individual sensitivity to the components, the severity of the disease and the patient’s age. The patient, in turn, should conduct regular measurements of blood glucose. Only such collaboration will determine the most effective dosage of Okamet.

Nevertheless, endocrinologists recommend starting to use Metformin at a dosage of 500 mg twice a day. The medicine should be taken orally during meals. You can increase the dosage only once a week in a volume of 500 mg. After adjustment, blood glucose should be measured. If the level has decreased but has not reached the desired limit, then it is worth again increasing the dose of the Metformin. The maximum daily dosage for adults is 2500 mg. The patient should not exceed it. Otherwise various side effects may occur.

Okamet is suitable for children aged 10 to 16 years. The initial daily dosage is also 500 mg 2 times a day. However, the maximum volume is less than in adults. The child should not take the Metformin in a larger volume than 2000 mg.

It is worth noting that drinking alcohol while using Okamet is not recommended. Alcohol affects the hypoglycemic properties of antibiotic drugs, and this can lead to unpredictable consequences.


Endocrinologists prescribe Metformin to many patients. However, Okamet has several contraindications, in which the use of medicine is strictly prohibited. Doctors will not prescribe you a Metformin in the following situations:

  • Serious liver and kidney disease
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes (type 1)
  • Pregnancy
  • The period of breastfeeding
  • If the patient is less than 10 years old

Taking Okamet, in this case, can lead to serious complications. Therefore, doctors carefully study the patient’s medical history before prescribing Metformin.

What are the side effects?

Most Okamet reviews prove the positive effect of using the drug. No wonder. Metformin perfectly lowers blood glucose. Moreover, this substance is completely safe. Endocrinologists rarely report side effects. What are these symptoms?

  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Dizziness

In some patients, such effects appear at the beginning of the use of Okamet, but they disappear after a few days. Rarely, negative symptoms may be present throughout taking Metformin. If these symptoms appear, immediately inform your doctor about them. The endocrinologist will lower the daily dosage or prescribe a more suitable drug.

Drug interaction

Metformin interacts with other medicines. Co-administration of drugs can alter the hypoglycemic properties of Okamet, so the patient should approach the use of several drugs with full responsibility. The best option would be to consult with your doctor. Only a specialist can determine the safety of combination therapy.

Storage conditions

According to the instructions, Okamet should be stored in a dark, warm and dry place. Children or pets should not have access to the drug. Otherwise, they may harm their health. Subject to all storage rules, the shelf life of the Metformin will be 3 years. Okamet can be used safely during this time.

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