Important facts about diabetes

Each of us has heard the word diabetes more than once. And many either themselves suffer from this disorder, or one of their relatives is sick. Diabetes is a very common disease of the endocrine system, which is closely related to the modern development of human civilization. Now we look at the important facts about diabetes that everyone should know if they want to live a long and happy life. Read information carefully and recommend the article to your friends and relatives. After all, diabetes is not a joke!

Diabetes is a deadly disease

According to various organizations, including the World Health Organization, diabetes mortality is more than 4 million people per year. Moreover, figure is gradually growing every year. These indicators put diabetes in the top ten most deadly diseases. The highest mortality rates are in poor and developing countries. However, in developed countries, the number of new patients is growing at an alarming rate. This is primarily due to a large amount of consumption of junk food, which contains a lot of sugar and its derivatives.

Diabetes itself does not kill a person. It causes unpleasant and sometimes dangerous complications. They become the cause of death. The development of cardiovascular disease ranks first among fatal complications. The danger of diabetes lies in the absence of vivid symptoms in the initial stages of its development.

Prediabetes condition as an important factor for early diagnosis

During the pre-diabetic state, blood sugar levels rise above normal. However, indicator does not allow us to diagnose diabetes. This period of time is very important because timely medical care will help to stop the growth of glucose in the blood and prevent the development of the disease! Unfortunately, the pre-diabetic condition has no pronounced symptoms and signs. Therefore, most people miss valuable time and seek help too late.

Diabetes is a global epidemic

Almost all people suffer from type 2 diabetes. It develops due to a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, and excess weight. The modern industry provides a person with cheap and low-quality products in large quantities. It’s the main cause of obesity in people, which ultimately leads to a catastrophic increase in disease patients. Every year their number increases and the disease becomes younger. According to statistics, more than 400 million people around the world already suffer from pathology. The spread of diabetes has long been epidemiological.

Symptoms of diabetes depend on the type of disorder

symptoms of diabetes

A useful fact is that the symptoms of the disease vary and depend on the specific type of disease.

The main symptoms of type 1 diabetes are a large amount of urination and constant thirst. This is due to the fact that the body gets rid of excess glucose, which it is not able to process, through urine. Since the patient often goes to the toilet, there is a constant lack of water in his body.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes will be weight loss with high consumption of food, the smell of acetone from the mouth, weakness, prolonged healing of wounds, and a decrease in body temperature.

The disease spreads throughout the body

Diabetes is an insidious pathology. It affects all cells of the body, as their energy metabolism decreases. First of all, the disease affects the vessels, making them less elastic. As a result, blood circulation in all tissues and organs of the body is seriously impaired. This leads to various complications and deadly situations. Any system or organ may fail; it all depends on the degree of tissue damage. Endocrinologists often record blindness, kidney or liver failure, hormonal disruptions, and more. Diabetes is the main cause of limb amputations due to the development of gangrene. Amputation of the lower extremities, the so-called diabetic foot, is especially common. Check your blood sugar often and get a health check if you don’t want this to happen to you!

Many people do not realize that they are sick

Type 2 diabetes, unlike type 1, does not appear immediately. The body gradually increases glucose levels, losing sensitivity to insulin. Unfortunately, during a prediabetes and even in the early stages of disease, a person does not feel serious changes. Characteristic symptoms and signs are absent, and general fatigue can be attributed to problems at work and stress. In some cases, the patient may live in ignorance for years. Nevertheless, sooner or later the disease will certainly manifest itself.

Gender affects the appearance of the disorder

Statistics show that women are more likely to suffer from diabetes than men. During age-related hormonal changes (e.g., menopause), pregnancy, and lactation, blood sugar levels rise due to natural causes. Men do not experience such serious changes and rarely go to the doctor for minor ailments. In this regard, the number of sick women is greater. In adolescence and middle ages, the number of men and women with disease is approximately the same.

The treatment methods are different for each type

Insulin is a life hormone for type 1 diabetics. Without it, first there will be a serious malaise, then a diabetic coma, and finally the death of the patient. Therefore, the main treatment for this type of disorder is insulin injection. Their daily volume depends on various factors. Therefore, endocrinologists select a dosage individually for each patient.

The main cause of type 2 diabetes is overweight and obesity. Therefore, the main treatment is aimed at a gradual decrease in patient weight. The patient must perform individual physical exercises and lead an active lifestyle. In rare cases, the doctor may prescribe insulin injections. Most endocrinologists recommend sugar-lowering drugs. They lower the level of glucose in the blood and normalize the work of the whole organism.

A specialized diabetes diet is common for both types of disease. Specialists select it individually for each patient, taking into account the degree of their disease.

Diabetes cannot be cured completely

Unfortunately, modern medicine cannot completely save a person from diabetes. After all, these are very serious endocrine changes in the body itself, which science does not yet know how to fix. With proper treatment, the likelihood of dangerous complications decreases and the main symptoms stop. The disease becomes chronic. It requires constant monitoring by the person, so as not to provoke a new development.

The patient can live a full life

Despite the chronic form of diabetes, a person can live a full and happy life. He should adhere to all the recommendations of the endocrinologist, and monitor blood sugar levels. In case of sharp fluctuations, you should contact your doctor. In addition, specialists prescribe a diagnosis every six months to identify adverse changes in the body. Excluding such moments, a person can live without feeling sick. The main thing is not to forget about the prescribed diet!

The disease can be prevented

diabetes can be prevented

Like many other diseases, diabetes can be prevented (except for type 1 due to genetic predisposition). A person should lead an active lifestyle, play sports, give up bad habits and eat right. This is the key to preventing disease. By following these simple rules, you will never gain excess weight. You will feel healthy, full of energy and diabetes will never be a threat!

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